Make Your Ride Your Own With Un4seen



How long does it take to receive my order once i have placed it ?


This depends if you want a design proof, if you want a design proof made we get onto the design proof within 3-7 days we then send you the design proof to your email provided, once you have got back to us and you are happy with it then we will get it ready to get in the print line. From there the courier takes 2-4 days NZ wide. If your rural delivery allow another couple of days. We say allow around 1-2 week. 


Does it take longer to receive my order when Un4seen has sales and promos ? yes it can add a little extra time on delivery we say add another 5-6 days 


Do you have an overnight service for graphics once proof has been signed of and printed ?


Yes this option is on our website when purchasing  


Is there anyway i can get my order the next day from once i ordered?


This is possible at certain times of the season, you must call to find out, (0800 un4seen) you also need to make the order the before 9am, it also costs an extra $109.99 for this to happen, if its possible. Everything must be paid for before we start.


Will you send us a tracking number so we have it once the order has been sent ?


Yes we send a tracking number to your email for you have for your personal use.


Do the graphics protect the plastics?


yes our graphics protect the plastics, they are made from the best motocross materials on the market.


If we order our decals for the wrong model of bike will you reprint them again for free?


No we will not do this. You need to make sure you have all details correct for us to create your order . if you have aftermarket plastics etc you need to let us know , as we have no way of knowing what plastics you have. 


I received my new graphics and a few corners lifted after installing them why did this happen?


There are a few reasons for this.


1 The plastics may not have been perfectly cleaned before application,


2. They graphics were not heated after they had been put on.


3. The bike was ridden to soon after  we recommenced to not ride for two days after application.


4. You can fix this by heating them lightly again with a heat gun and push the lifted parts back down.


Will the colours match my plastics colours ?


Yes we have spent many many hours color testing making sure the colors match the oem plastics.




Will the colours match the design proof that has been sent to us ?


No not necessarily because every screen is calibrated differently. We aim to have very bright vibrant colors come out of our printer.




Do i get a refund if i don't like my new graphics when they arrive?


No sorry as our graphics custom made to every customer, if you signed your design proof off and you were happy, we will not refund just because you changed your mind when they arrived.




What happens if i decide my new graphics are not what i wanted once i receive them ?


If you signed off your design proof and were happy then there is nothing we can do. You need to make better decisions and  take more care in what you are doing.


Can i ask to have the Un4seen logos removed ? No we do not allow this to happen, you do not buy a BMW car and tell them to take all the branding off the vehicle, we value our product & our company name and branding.


Do you have any installation videos to help us put the new graphics on ?


Yes please click this link




Can you make graphics for my bike as the pictures of the bikes are different to my bike ?


Yes our images of our bikes are generally on the new models but we make them for all makes and models.


Generally speaking we can make all bikes graphics from 2000 up to now, we also have some previous to 2000  some 1986 model etc 


(Please call us to discuss you bikes make and model if you a little bit unsure) 




Can i add my personal business logo to the graphics design or even some other logos that i like?


Yes of course we have boxes to fill out when ordering your new graphics , put the logo names in the box that you like we will swap them out, we have nearly all motocross logos on file, also for your own business logo upload that to the upload box , we like it if they are ai, png or eps format this helps us make the process faster , if its a jpeg (photo image ) this wont be able to be placed nicely as it will have a colour background, it will become blury one we expand it for you decals.




If my graphics bubble up on the tank area is this normal?


Yes this can happen on plastics tanks due to fuel fumes seeping through the plastics. We have either circle holes or perforated slits put in these parts of the graphic to help the plastic tank breath but this but doesn't always fix the problem 100%




What happens if my graphics discolor what is this from ?


We have seen this before, it is from using hi octane fuels, what happens is, if it has been spilt on the decals or even the fumes seeping through the plastic tank takes away the UV protection out of the graphics this causes dicolour , eg with can go brown colours.





Do you do multiple design proofs . example i purchase one design on the website then i ask for a another design option of a completely different design?


No we don't generally to this but if it's a must it will cost and extra $189.99 & you will need to call us to make this happen (0800 un4seen)


This will all depend on how busy we are. 




How many design proof changes do we get to our design ?


We think 2 -3 proofs max , once it exceeds this we have the right to to charge extra so be sure to know exactly what your trying to achieve. 




Do you put graphics on the bike for free? 


No there is an application fee for us to do this its 119.99 per bike or per plastics kit 



I don't like any graphics kits on the Un4seen website, what do i do ? 


If you have one you like on the internet , or have a photo then choose a graphics kit on our website, it doesn't matter what one as long as its similar size to your bike, upload the photo to the logo uploads space, put the order through, we wont copy the image you sent but we will do our version on the design to give the same feel.


Do you support individual riders, teams ?


Yes we support riders & teams, the best thing to do is send us and email with all the info about you or the team and we can see if its justifiable to come up with a plan for you. Our email is




I own a shop can i become a supplier of Un4seen Decals ? 


Yes please click the link below fill it all out and we will get back to you with all details