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Cody Cooper Racing History & Knowledge

A Little about your favorite motocross rider Cody Cooper 

Cody Cooper born — 12/10/1983

Began riding when and why — Age 4 and started racing at age 6, My dad got me into dirt bike riding as he didn’t want me riding on the road.

First race at — 6, in opotiki, was a mudder.

First national title — in the Junior 8 to 11 class, was 11. first senior tittle was on my cr 125 at age 19.

How many national titles up to this date  and how many of them are junior and senior — two junior tittles and 9 senior so 11 titles

How many Australian titles — 1

Best result in career — Second to James stewart at south wick 

Best memory from racing — racing in usa 2008 and 2009

Favorite bike — my honda CR 125 2003.

Favorite track ever —  Waikato NKCC

Favorite thing to do on your dirtbike , corners or jumps etc — rut corners and jumping.

Best bit of advice and who was it from — Have fun riding, ME

How often do you recommend  i  ride  to be a top national rider — at lest 3 times a week.

How often do you recommend i train off the bike  to be a top national rider — 5 days a week.

Why have you done it for so long — because i love it, its hard to stop doing something you love.

Do you recommend being entirely one path driven only on motocross or do you think you should stay focused but also find time to take your mind off racing and enjoy your life in other ways too — yes i think its important to have other things to do as well as racing.

What advice to give to anyone who wants to pursue a motorcycles career — work hard and do it for yourself and always make it fun.

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